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New Data On World Urbanisation

The profile of the world’s largest cities has changed dramatically over the past 60 years, as revealed in the charts in this article based on UN data. The last six decades have been a period of rapid urbanisation. More than … Continue reading

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Interactive Images of Climate Change

This site has some fantastic before and after climate change images for American cities. Each picture allows you to drag across a fresh image to show the possible effects of a twenty-five feet rise in sea level. The example above … Continue reading

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Google Expeditions Imagine visiting the bottom of the sea or the surface of Mars in an afternoon. With Google Expeditions, teachers can take their classes on immersive virtual journeys to bring their lessons to life. Google Expeditions is a virtual reality … Continue reading

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Global Goals For Sustainable Development

At the end of September, world leaders convened in New York to officially adopt replacements for the eight Millennium Development Goals. The MDGs, which came into force in 2000, are scheduled for retirement this year. As a result, world leaders … Continue reading

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Migration Data for Your Local Area – Busting the Myths? This interesting site from the Office of National Statistics calculates the number of migrants living in your own local area. Just pop in a post code, and the calculations are done for you. A useful tool to demonstrate to … Continue reading

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Japan’s Ghost Towns in a Declining Population

After decades of struggle against overcrowding, Japan is now having to confront a different problem. With a ‘shrinking society’, what should be done with housing that nobody needs? This article examines the ‘Ghost towns’ of modern Japan:

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Global Inequality is Growing

Global inequality is growing, with half the world’s wealth now in the hands of just 1% of the population, according to a new report covered by The Guardian. Some great up to date facts and figures to use in the … Continue reading

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