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Climate Change Visualisations

  These interesting visualisations may be helpful in any lessons dealing with climate change. The scales are different on each chart, but they do clearly show the long term rise in temperatures for specific locations as a changing set of … Continue reading

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Free Climate Change Classroom Poster

Another great freebee from Rayburn Tours! Download a free climate change poster to use as a classroom resource here: climate-change-poster Or download it from the Rayburn blog site: http://www.rayburntours.com/education/blog/geography/5-countries-affected-climate-change-2/#more-3972

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Interactive Images of Climate Change

This site has some fantastic before and after climate change images for American cities. Each picture allows you to drag across a fresh image to show the possible effects of a twenty-five feet rise in sea level. The example above … Continue reading

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February WARP

I am not a great one for New Year Resolutions – but I did promise myself to include a regular new ‘slot’ in my blog for 2014. I have called this my ‘monthly WARP’ – based on an acronym where … Continue reading

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