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World’s Population Hits 7.5 Billion

    When checking one of my favourite classroom tools recently  – the ‘World Population Clock’ found at  worldometers.info – I noticed the total for world population has now hit the 7.5 billion mark. There has been a stunning increase in world … Continue reading

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Correcting Confusing Country Scales

I’m not a regular reader of the Daily Mail, but this resource from one of last month’s editions could be really useful for anyone teaching about map projections or the differences in scale of countries from across the world.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-4231032/Fascinating-maps-reveal-scale-countries-worldwide.html … Continue reading

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Build It And They Will Come …… Urban Planning in China & The KS3 Curriculum

My year nine students have been working on a unit of work titled ‘sustainable planning’, which involves making some comparisons between planned settlement in the developed world with unplanned shanty towns in developing world cities. The first part of this … Continue reading

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