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Can You Name The Most Visited Cities of 2017?

  I love a good list – always handy to use with a class in those odd blank few minutes that sometimes appear at the end of a lesson. Sometimes, whole lesson sequences can be planned around them.   The … Continue reading

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Iceland in October – With Plenty of New Things To See

  I had the pleasure of the company of staff and students from Northampton School for Boys, and throughout our week we were blessed with really pleasant autumn weather, as well as some great views of the Northern Lights.   … Continue reading

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Iceland – Reaching A Tourism Tipping Point?

Iceland has become such a popular tourist destination in recent years, a number of tensions are beginning to appear. The exponential rise in visitor numbers is in danger of threatening the very beauty people travel to Iceland to enjoy. Iceland’s … Continue reading

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First Icebergs of the Season Attract Tourists

An interesting new type of tourism has emerged this week in Newfoundland thanks to a new visitor – one of the first icebergs of the season. A towering 150 foot tall iceberg has run aground in the shallow waters next … Continue reading

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Free Classroom Poster – Tourism Boom In Iceland

Yet another excellent free resource for your classroom from Rayburn Tours! This time, they offer a detailed infographic poster outlining the incredible boom in tourism in Iceland over recent years. Iceland’s natural wonders and hidden gems have been drawing increasing … Continue reading

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Everest Movie

Any geographers found time yet to visit a cinema to see the newly released film “Everest”? This impressive big-budget blockbuster tells the true story of an expedition in 1996, which became the mountain’s deadliest climbing season, until the twin tragedies … Continue reading

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