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Gruffalo Hunting in Cornwall

I am really pleased that my Grandson has started to develop a genuine interest in the outdoors. While on a recent holiday in Cornwall, I was able to take him Gruffalo Hunting, and combine a great woodland walk with some fun … Continue reading

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World Poverty Clock Web Site

http://worldpoverty.io/ The ‘World Poverty Clock’ web site can be very impactful starter for geography lessons on themes of development. It is a real-time graphic estimate of the numbers of people in the world living in poverty, and can be projected … Continue reading

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How Far Do Children Roam?

I came across this interesting graphic recently from the Wildlife Trusts: I fully realise social conditions have altered considerably since 1915, but perhaps a good dose of geographical education at school might help our future parents-to-be to explore the outdoors with … Continue reading

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The World At Night Quiz

Here’s a nice little test for geographers – can you identify these cities from night-time photographs taken by astronauts on the International Space Station? Try these tasters, and then go to the full quiz via the link below: I wont … Continue reading

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Can You Draw A Decent World Map?

I have always believed that young people (as well as adults!) should have a decent ‘mental map’ of the world if they are to begin to understand the complexities of the world in which they live. I have to say … Continue reading

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The World’s Newest Countries

  I always cringe in our local pub quiz when the geography questions come along – and pray that they refer to something I know in order to maintain my street-cred.   In a recent quiz, a couple of questions … Continue reading

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Not Just Garden And Golf …

Since I took early retirement from my teaching career back in 2015, it has not all been gardening and golf. Apart from my regular visits to Iceland as a Field Studies Tutor on behalf of Rayburn Tours, I have been … Continue reading

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