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Web Resources For The Classroom – Weblinks 1: Population

    I have spent a bit of time recently re-organising my favourite geography web sites, and thought it might be useful to share some of them on this blog. Under a title of ‘Weblinks’, and using a separate theme … Continue reading

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World’s Population Hits 7.5 Billion

    When checking one of my favourite classroom tools recently  – the ‘World Population Clock’ found at  worldometers.info – I noticed the total for world population has now hit the 7.5 billion mark. There has been a stunning increase in world … Continue reading

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New Data On World Urbanisation

The profile of the world’s largest cities has changed dramatically over the past 60 years, as revealed in the charts in this article based on UN data. The last six decades have been a period of rapid urbanisation. More than … Continue reading

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Migration Data for Your Local Area – Busting the Myths?

http://visual.ons.gov.uk/what-are-migration-levels-like-in-your-area/ This interesting site from the Office of National Statistics calculates the number of migrants living in your own local area. Just pop in a post code, and the calculations are done for you. A useful tool to demonstrate to … Continue reading

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Japan’s Ghost Towns in a Declining Population

After decades of struggle against overcrowding, Japan is now having to confront a different problem. With a ‘shrinking society’, what should be done with housing that nobody needs? This article examines the ‘Ghost towns’ of modern Japan: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/24/world/a-sprawl-of-abandoned-homes-in-tokyo-suburbs.html?_r=0

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September WARP

I made a New Year promise to include a regular slot in my blog for 2014, called my ‘monthly WARP’. This is based on an acronym where the ‘W’ stands for a web resource, the ‘A’ for an app, the … Continue reading

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Population Census Update

After spending the last two weeks of term in Uganda with a group of students, one of the pleasures on coming home was to check through home newspapers for any important geography articles that appeared while I was away. One … Continue reading

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