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Rapid Urban Growth in India – a Top Ten List for the Classroom

I’m a sucker for a good geography list, so here is a fascinating one to start the New Year. It has been produced by Oxford Economics, following a study of 780 world cities. It predicts that the top 10 fastest-growing … Continue reading

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World’s Population Hits 7.5 Billion

    When checking one of my favourite classroom tools recently  – the ‘World Population Clock’ found at  worldometers.info – I noticed the total for world population has now hit the 7.5 billion mark. There has been a stunning increase in world … Continue reading

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Shipping Containers For Houses?

Could steel shipping containers be used to help solve the housing problems faced by some of our major cities? construct one of India’s tallest towers — should the vision of one ambitious architecture firm come to fruition. The ‘Containerscraper’ is … Continue reading

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