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Get Set For The New Geography Curriculum

September will see the first teaching of the new National Curriculum for Geography. The first National Curriculum was established in 1988, and this will be the 5th revision of the original document – I have been in the job long … Continue reading

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Geography Games Collection

Improving place knowledge has been a theme running through all work units for key stage three students this year. We have discussed with students how important it is for them to develop ‘mental maps’ of different scales, ranging from their … Continue reading

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Students’ Responses To Extended Homework

In last month’s blog, I explained how extended homework tasks have supported our students’ learning. Working in this way has helped to develop independent learning skills and time management skills, and the choice students have to plan, research and complete … Continue reading

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A New Twist On Homework

There has been a lot of discussion about homework on social media platforms recently, so for this month’s blog, I thought I would share how homework is organised in our department.  Our key stage three geography scheme of work is … Continue reading

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