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GeoText Expedition 4 – Chasing Geography Textbooks In A Camper Van: Hay Tor, Dartmoor.

    The journey continues – this time to Hay Tor on Dartmoor. When teaching about granite scenery, I often made reference to this textbook photograph. The image came from a textbook titled ‘Landforms’ by Ian Galbraith and Patrick Wiegard. … Continue reading

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GeoText Expedition 2 – Chasing Geography Textbooks In A Camper Van: Dawlish Warren

    We managed to make a start last autumn with a visit to our first textbook location – Hurst Castle spit in Hampshire. This was written up in an earlier blog at: https://devongeography.wordpress.com/2017/11/13/chasing-geography-textbooks-in-a-camper-van/ However, the expedition was really planned … Continue reading

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Is That Sea Water Fit To Bathe In?

    I recently completed a piece of work focusing on tourism in my own area – with particular reference to the quality of sea bathing water. My research led me to the excellent Environment Agency web site, where I … Continue reading

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Hallsands Centenary Celebrated This Week

On Thursday of this week (26 January 2017), it will be the centenary of the great storm that destroyed the coastal village of Hallsands in south Devon.  This lost village has featured in many geography lessons, and is one of my favourite … Continue reading

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