New Volcano / Earthquake App


Mount Etna – Wikimedia

I have added a new IOS app to my ‘earthquakes and volcanoes’ favourites list over the last few days:

ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 05 13.55

It shows the latest earthquakes and active volcanoes both on a map and as a data list. You can filter the data shown in various ways, e.g. by magnitude or age of earthquakes, the distance from your location, the status of volcanoes and so on. Data is continuously being collected and updated from over 25 various public sources, mainly international agencies such as USGS, GFZ, EMSC and many others. It offers push and notifications to help you keep up to date with current tectonic events.


Summary of Main Features

See currently erupting volcanoes on a map
Complete volcano lists by name / country / activity level
Get most recent volcano news
Volcanic Ash Advisories (VAAC) for fast lookup of ongoing / new volcanic eruptions with ash emission
Recent earthquakes worldwide for up to 7 days (incl. magnitudes 1.5 or higher for many regions)
Earthquakes near active volcanoes
Multiple data sources (more than 25 national and international agencies)
Filter earthquakes according to magnitude, age and distance
Earthquakes over magnitude 6 for the past year
Submit / read experience reports (“I-felt-an-earthquake”) (if an earthquake near your location could have been strong enough to be felt)
Show “I-felt-an-earthquake” reports on map along with quake
Detail information about each earthquake in list
Smallest data format to save bandwidth
Offline access with cached data





The app has been born from a really useful web site:

ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 05 13.55This website represents the small private tour operator company, founded by Dr. Tom Pfeiffer back in 2004, which offers geologic-interest walking and study tours and expeditions to active volcanoes world-wide. It has grown to include a large section about volcanoes, volcano news, volcano photos and more recently, earthquakes all over the world.

ScreenHunter_03 Feb. 05 14.03

ScreenHunter_04 Feb. 05 14.04

This excellent site also features on one of my web favourites lists – watch this space for the next blog in the ‘web links’ series, covering ‘volcanoes’ and ‘Earthquakes’.


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