Unequal Scenes – Examining Inequalities In The Classroom

ScreenHunter_06 Dec. 03 13.09

Mumbai – Unequal Scenes web site

I came across the ‘Unequal Scenes’ web site recently, and would suggest it might have a use in the classroom. It would certainly help to generate discussion about issues of development, and could also be used for ‘compare’ and ‘contrast exercises’. The photographs would also make wonderful starter images.

The site contains a range of paired stunning aerial images from different parts of the world, all shot by remote drones. The images question how we participate in economies that reinforce inequalities – often hidden so well from every direction except from directly above.

“If the images provoke uncomfortable feelings of fear, despair, or an unsettling realization of complicity – good. They are intended to.” (Unequal Scenes web site)

ScreenHunter_07 Dec. 03 13.11

Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course, Durban

Locations included on the web site include: Mumbai, various USA cities, Nairobi, Mexico City, Durban, and many more.

Web link: https://unequalscenes.com



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