Christmas Geo Presents From The Ordnance Survey Shop (And Others)

I was browsing online for some geography-themed Christmas presents today, and came across some excellent ideas.

How about some rolls of custom made wallpaper maps for a good friend? Check out this web link:




The Ordnance Survey blog also directed me to an excellent new poster focusing on Britain’s largest islands. This would look nice in the geography classroom! It is available from the University of Sheffield shop at:

Dqao8_AWsAAJgMaHow about something from the Ordnance Survey shop?

Check it out at:

Perhaps a copy of the recently published OS Puzzle Book (14.99):

ScreenHunter_09 Nov. 29 17.54

Or the Great British Colouring Map Book at 19.99:

ScreenHunter_10 Nov. 29 17.59

Or maybe a giant trek towel at 22.99?

ScreenHunter_11 Nov. 29 18.02Or a giant picnic rug at 39.99?

ScreenHunter_12 Nov. 29 18.05

Finally, why not invest in one of these delightful cityscape jigsaws from:

ScreenHunter_13 Nov. 29 18.08

ScreenHunter_14 Nov. 29 18.10ScreenHunter_15 Nov. 29 18.12


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Head of Geography and Assistant Vice Principal at South Molton Community College, North Devon. Exeter Chiefs supporter!
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