Life Size Cut-Outs for the Classroom



Life-size cardboard cut-out –

When I was teaching, I always loved to make use of ‘little assistants’ in my classroom. These ranged from giant inflatable toys to glove puppets like Agnes the Pig who used to run the lessons on Friday afternoons. I explained how these were used in my lessons in a ‘Teachmeet’ presentation at the GA Conference back in 2015, and this is outlined in the following blog entry:

While browsing the web recently, I came across these web sites selling life-size cardboard cut-out figures. I know if I was still working, I would not be able to resist adding a few of these to my gang of classroom ‘helpers’.

These are the sites I explored:
After searching through what was available on the sites, these would probably have been my first choices:












IMG_4469There are also lots of inspirational role model female characters to choose from. How about a life-size figure of Jodi Whittaker, the new Dr Who to watch over your lessons?




IMG_4464There is plenty on offer for other subject areas as well. English Departments might want to explore Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings characters, while PE teachers might want to invest in some inspirational sport heroes and heroines. I also thought the soldiers from different World Wars would help focus student attention in the History classroom.


I particularly liked some of the figures that included cut-out face spaces for students to use. Photographs of ‘Geographer of the Week’ or competition winners would be a useful motivational tool:




I would probably also be tempted by some of the face masks available on the sites, such as:


On the ‘partyrama’ web site I found some large foil ‘star’ stickers that could be customised. I thought this would make a super-cool ‘’Walk of Fame’ in the classroom or corridor like the one in Hollywood – only this time for famous geographers or ‘star’ students:


Getting carried away now, but how about using the customise service? If only I’d known, I could have had a personal life-size cut-out made up to leave in my classroom for posterity when I retired. Maybe not then, but I do think I might have explored the possibility of creating some ‘famous geographers’ cut-outs. How cool would it be to have a corridor and classroom containing life size figures of Francis Drake, Captain James Cook, Ptolemy, and the like?

I know not everyone would be comfortable with my teaching style, but maybe there is something here for you? If you had a free gift voucher to buy just one cut-out – which one would it be and why?


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