Airpano – Stunning 360 Degree Images And Videos For The Geography Classroom

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Have you made use of the ‘Airpano’ resources in your classroom yet?

The Airpano web site is free to use, and contains hundreds of 3D virtual tours of different locations across the world. This is a great resource to introduce some ‘awe and wonder’ into lessons, and showcase particular cities, mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes etc. relevant to the lesson content. The images and videos can act as a great stimulus for students for descriptive and creative writing – particularly when examining a sense of place.

The website interacts with a tablet and the built in tablet gyroscope makes it possible to move around and visit the detail in the chosen locations. By panning your device around, the image moves with you, in stunning high definition. This looks great in the classroom when mirrored to an interactive whiteboard through Apple TV, Airserver or other such connector. Students will love operating the image for the rest of the class!

The 360 degree images also make great viewing through a VR headset – just open the Airpano web site, and click on the VR button in the bottom left corner. To watch 360 degree Airpano videos in a headset, access through the Airpano You Tube channel – ace!

There is also a dedicated Airpano app available on IOS and Android that allows you to access the images directly with the gyroscope functionality built into your tablet. The IOS version costs just £2.29, while the Android version is free – but you then need to purchase individual tours.

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Teaching about the marine environment or marine pollution? Why not kick off with the Airpano video of a dive with turtles in Cuba? Use your mouse to pan through the video!


Teaching about waterfalls? Why not use the Airpano video of Angel Falls – the highest waterfall in the world?


Teaching about extreme environments or climate change? Why not introduce the topic through the Airpano video of icebergs in Greenland?


Finally, what about volcanoes? Airpano has a 360 video of the Bromo Volcano in Java, Indonesia:


There is an earlier blog on this site about using Airpano aerial views of cities as lesson starters – check it out at:

Since writing this, so much more has been added to Airpano – particularly 360 video –  and there should be loads of relevant resources for your teaching. Give it a try – and let me know of any successes you have.


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