What Are Our Perceptions Of Countries Around The World?

ScreenHunter_11 Jan. 23 16.18

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 24 16.12Exeter International is a Florida-based travel agency that specialises in arranging trips to Russia and Central Europe. I came across them while researching a possible future trip to Russia, and was interested to read about a project they completed examining people’s perceptions of the different countries of the world.


They used Google autocomplete to discover what people most commonly searched for every country in the world. When typing a search in Google, suggestions are offered based on what other people are searching for. These were used to draw maps showing the top suggestions associated with each country, giving a fascinating insight of people’s perceptions of different nations.

Maps for all of the continents can be accessed via the weblink above, along with a full list of search terms for each individual country. Meanwhile, some of the results are shown below. Interesting to see that the most popular term used for Argentina was Malbec! Note the popular use of music and food terms for different African countries! How about ‘Dating Sites’ for the Ukraine!

ScreenHunter_19 Jan. 23 16.20

ScreenHunter_22 Jan. 23 16.21

ScreenHunter_14 Jan. 23 16.18
I wonder if pupils would be able to guess the correct countries from the search terms used? Might be a bit of educational fun for the classroom!



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