World’s Population Hits 7.5 Billion



Image: Simon Kemp (The Next Web)


When checking one of my favourite classroom tools recently  – the ‘World Population Clock’ found at – I noticed the total for world population has now hit the 7.5 billion mark.

There has been a stunning increase in world population of 25 million people since the start of 2017, and it is believed that more than half of the world’s population today is aged 30 or under!

Just seven countries now account for half of the world’s population:

  • China: 1.385 billion
  • India: 1.335 billion
  • United States: 325 million
  • Indonesia: 262 million
  • Brazil: 210 million
  • Pakistan: 195 million
  • Nigeria: 189 million

Some other interesting facts:

# Nigeria has the youngest population with more than half of the country’s 189 million residents below the age of 15.

# Monaco has the world’s oldest population, with more than half of the city-state’s residents over the age of 50.

# There are approximately 65 million more men than women alive on Earth today.

# Worldwide, the average life expectancy for babies born today sits at 71 years, but women are likely to live roughly five years longer than men.

# Japanese people can expect to live the longest, with the average national life expectancy currently sitting at 83.7 years.

The UN reports that the world’s population is currently growing at a rate of  1.11% – which translates to growth of about 80 million people each year. At current rates, the world’s population should pass the eight billion mark sometime in 2024.

Sources of data can be found at the original article by Simon Kemp at:




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