Now You See It – Now You Don’t – The Case Of The Disappearing Beach …

ScreenHunter_01 May. 15 09.59A beach that disappeared more than 30 years ago has returned to an island off the County Mayo coast in south west Ireland.

The sand at Dooagh, Achill Island, was washed away by storms in 1984 leaving a rocky wave cut platform – but a freak tide around Easter this year returned the 300 metre sandy beach.

The returned beach is already attracting tourists back to the area, which  had earlier supported four hotels and a number of guesthouses before the sand disappeared.


ScreenHunter_02 May. 15 09.59

Images: Guardian Newspaper

This location is a fine example of how dynamic a coastline can be over time, as this was not the first time this area has had a change of character due to natural processes. The beach was washed away previously before the 1890s, before returning again in the 1930s – a real coastline of change.


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