Natural Disasters Data For the Classroom

Disasters web title

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREHere is a really useful resource for any geographers teaching about natural disasters. On the ‘Prevention Web’ web site (in the resources section) are a number of reports and data sets about natural disasters around the world. They are all shown on a world map in the introduction:

Disasters Map

This report for 2016 can be downloaded from the site (link below) or from the blog (link below), and covers all major events – each with its own individual case study, like this one for Hurricane Earl:

Hu Earl

It also includes some data on different major disaster events by category and region, eg earthquakes, wildfires, tropical cyclones in the Atlantic etc. Here is the list of tropical cyclones in the Indian Ocean in 2016:

T Cyclones Indian Ocean

There are loads of other resources to explore for 2015, and about topics such as tsunamis, weather-related disasters etc


Willis Re Summary of Natural Cat Events 2016


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