Geo Lists For The Classroom

Every New Year seems to generate a range of lists. Here are a few that I have come across over the last month or so that might have a use in the classroom. They can make good lesson starters, contribute to class displays, or provoke discussion questions.



Taj Mahal (CCO Public Domain)


Rough Guide’s ‘Must See’ destinations for 2017

1. India

2. Scotland

3. Canada

4. Uganda

5. Bolivia

6. Nicaragua

7. Portugal

8. Finland

9. Namibia

10. Taiwan



Bangkok (CCO Public Domain)


Most Visited Cities 2016

(According to Mastercard’s  Global Destination Cities Index, which provides a ranking of the 132 most visited cities around the world, measured by the number of international overnight visitors).

1) Bangkok, Thailand – 21.47 million international visitors

2) London, England – 19.88

3) Paris, France – 18.03

4) Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 15.27

5) New York City, USA – 12.75

6) Singapore – 12.11

7) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 12.02

8) Istanbul, Turkey – 11.95

9) Tokyo, Japan – 11.70

10) Seoul, South Korea – 10.20

11) Hong Kong, China – 8.37

12) Barcelona, Spain – 8.20

13) Amsterdam, Netherlands – 8.00

14) Milan, Italy – 7.65

15) Taipei, Taiwan – 7.5

16) Rome, Italy – 7.12

17) Osaka, Japan – 7.02

18) Vienna, Austria – 6.69

19) Shanghai, China – 6.12

20) Prague, Czech Republic – 5.81




Godafoss, Iceland (CCO Public Domain)


Ten Safest Countries To Visit In Europe

‘Trip Creator’ has compiled this list by using the annual report on the safety of countries around the world produced by The Institute for Economics and Peace. Of the top 25 countries listed on the latest ‘Global Peace Index’, 18 are in Europe. In other words, in spite of recent news reports to the contrary, traveling through much of Europe remains one of the safer options for tourists. As a point of reference, for instance, the United States comes in at 103rd on the Global Peace Index.

1.      Iceland

2.      Denmark

3.      Austria

4.      Portugal

5.      Czech Republic

6.      Switzerland

7.      Slovenia

8.      Finland

9.      Ireland

10.  Sweden

Incidentally, the other European nations that are in the top 25 of the Global Peace Index are: Germany, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain



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