My Favourite Brain Breaks

Sometimes when I am working on a project I feel like taking a bit of a break. It seems to help relieve some tension, and refreshes my mind so that I can continue with the task at hand. In these breaks I turn to one of my favourite ‘brain break’ activities – or ‘timewasters’ as some would call them!

thttjwsaerMy first port of call is an app called ‘Incredibox’, where you can mix your own music by selecting from a band of beatbox characters. It is also available as a web site:


This site is actually used by music teachers to teach rhythm and music structure, and you might be surprised at how easy it is to turn out some fantastic results. I have recorded some of my best efforts to use as ‘soundtracks’ for class presentations. Give it a try!

My second ‘brain break’ is a little more geographical, and can be quite addictive. It is called ‘Land Lines’ and is found at:

This site is an experiment that allows you to explore Google Earth satellite imagery by drawing random lines on the screen. ‘Land Lines’ then finds satellite images to match your line – magic! If you want to, you can then click on the image to be transported there for a closer look.


You can also drag a line to connect coastlines, rivers, roads etc in a continuous random journey.


This site runs well on a smart phone to fill those spare moments waiting for the train etc.

A couple of other sites for you: – Screen jigsaws of locations across the world – (I use the IOS version) – Answer 4 questions and then work the link to your answers – Locate famous landmarks on a map of the UK – Search for clues to name the location on a satellite image





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