Real Time GB Electricity Data

Any geographers out there teaching about energy might like to give some attention to the ‘MyGridGB’ web site which has been set up by Doctor Andrew Crossland. The site displays the real time changes in the way electricity is generated in Great Britain,  as power stations respond to changing demands and changing weather patterns.


The MyGB site shows the volume of electricity produced and consumed, as well as the sources from where the electricity has been generated. As well as the real time dials illustrated above, there is a great deal of historical data to explore (see graphs below). The site also charts carbon emissions from electricity generation, and the section titled ‘Manifesto ‘ on the side menu shows some possible alternatives through a simulation of a mix of power stations and energy sources.


If you are a Twitter user, you can follow @myGridGB and get an automatic update of GB energy generation every 4 hours. Below is the latest tweet I received at 9.00 am today. It is interesting to see how these figures change during the day, week and season, and it might be a nice exercise in the classroom matching up the data with recent weather patterns.


You can also sign up to get a weekly update on GB energy as well as a copy of the regular blog. Great work Doctor Andrew – really useful resource for the classroom!

PS there is a similar dashboard style resource at:

This makes an impressive image on the whiteboard for the class as they walk into your room!







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