VR Headsets To Lose Their Smartphones?

It was never going to be long before VR designers came up with the technology that would get past the need for a smart phone in a headset.

Although there are now many affordable VR headsets on the market, perhaps one of the major barriers to the use of VR in schools has been the need for a large set of smart phones. Well, it now looks as though this will be a thing of the past.

A number of manufacturers are now bringing their phone-free headsets to market, and following the recent BETT show in London, one in particular has caught my attention.

screenhunter_03-feb-02-09-30screenhunter_01-feb-02-09-29ClassVR offers all-in-one headsets that are wirelessly managed and controlled by their own software package called ClassConnect, which includes structured lesson plans for a range of curriculum subjects. I particularly like the storage case that comes with the package, allowing the headsets to be kept safe and charged, as well as easily transported between classrooms across the school.


Log on to their web site for more information, or book a demonstration:


There are a number of other manufacturers striving to take a lead role with this cutting edge technology. For instance, Samsung is believed to be close to releasing a headset that does not need to be connected to a phone or PC, and Alcatel has developed the Vision headset as a standalone device – as well as developing a 360 degree camera that plugs directly into a smart phone. I will also be watching the progress of the AuraVisor – which has been launched through a Kickstarter campaign – and instead of a phone, is powered by an Android-based computer.

No doubt progress in this area will be rapid – and as new developments become available, there is likely to be significant impacts on how VR may be used in the classroom. Watch this space!



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2 Responses to VR Headsets To Lose Their Smartphones?

  1. geoblogs says:

    I think colleagues may have seen this at BETT last week – they’re not cheap… would be a significant investment – also interested in how upgradable they are – the app will change over time and need different software on the devices for example

    • Inevitably, prices will eventually fall – but in the current school economic climate there are unlikely to be many early adopters. However, this is too good an opportunity for schools to miss (especially in the geography department) – so perhaps there is a role here for ‘travelling shows’ a la Google Expeditions. Maybe the GA would be interested?

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