Drawing World Maps In The Classroom

In the last blog entry, I mentioned  #challenGEO –  a weekly geographical  task set by Alan Parkinson. You can catch up with the first challenges of 2017 and join in with future ones by logging on to his excellent web site at www.livinggeography.blogspot.com.uk or following him on Twitter – @GeoBlogs.

His second challenge asked geography teachers to display a map showing the different countries they have visited. Here is mine (although I am a little disappointed that Antarctica is not shown):


Alan suggested people use the following Big Huge Labs tool to draw maps for the challenge:


There are a number of other web sites that offer the same tool that highlights countries by simply ticking a checklist and letting the software draw you the map:




These are useful tools that can be used in the classroom, allowing students to easily present maps from development data, to show trade groups etc.

For example, here is a map showing member countries of NATO:


There is also a really good app for IOS users called ‘Been’ that draws a world map in the same way (including Antarctica!). It has the added feature of producing the map as a spinning 3D globe, which is quite funky!



If you have used any of these world map tools in the classroom, let me know!

PS I have just discovered a site with a slightly different twist on maps of this type. Here, a ‘travel score’ is calculated based on the countries selected. This score combines the percentage of the world’s countries visited, the share of the world’s population that lives in these areas, and the share of the earth’s land surface represented by the selected countries:





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