Free Volcanoes Poster For The Classroom

There has been an absence of blog entries from me for a month or so, as I continue to obey my New Year’s resolution of focusing on just one thing at a time rather than a hundred things all at once.

 I have been really busy lately with writing projects for Collins, Hodder and the BBC – and then preparing resources for my forthcoming trips to Iceland as Field Studies Tutor with Rayburn Tours – but as the pressure falls with these commitments, I can spend some more time with the blog once more.

 So, to kick off the new year – here is a free gift from Rayburn that Geography teachers might find useful. This volcano infographic poster would be a great addition to wall displays, and can be downloaded for free from Rayburn’s  web site:


 Download here:

 If you want to get a bit closer to these fiery formations on a school geography trip, why not get in touch with one of Rayburn’s tour consultants?

 Call 01332 347 828 or email:

 Or, give me a shout!


About devongeography

Head of Geography and Assistant Vice Principal at South Molton Community College, North Devon. Exeter Chiefs supporter!
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