World Map Wins Top Design Award

Japan’s 2016 Good Design Awards have recently been announced for over 1000 entries in several different categories. The coveted Grand Award this year went to a world map.


 he map was designed by Tokyo architect and artist Hajime Narukawa, who wanted to improve some of the major flaws in the generally accepted version drawn up by Gerardus Mercator back in 1569.

japan1Narukawa developed a map projection method called AuthaGraph (and founded a company of the same name in 2009) which aims to create maps that represent all land masses and seas as accurately as possible. Mercator’s map is often criticised for the way it dramatically distorts the size of Antarctica and Greenland.

japan3AuthaGraph not only faithfully represents all oceans and continents, but the map can be tessellated just like an MC Escher painting. Much in the same way that we can traverse the planet without ever coming to an end, “the AuthaGraphic world map provides an advanced precise perspective of our planet.”


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