‘Drawing the Line’ Map Exhibition in London

The British Library is currently offering a new exhibition called ‘Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing The Line’. It opened on November 4th, and will run to March 1st, 2017 – so plenty of time for any map-obsessed geographers to arrange a visit.



 The exhibition covers 100 years of mapping technology – from the original sketch of today’s London Underground to the satellite imagery of the 1990s – and how it has monitored and shaped the society we live in.

It includes exhibits ranging from the first map of the Hundred Acre Wood to secret spy maps, via the New York Subway. It sheds new light on familiar events and spans conflicts, creativity, the ocean floor and even outer space. And, as technology advances further than we ever imagined possible, it questions what it really means to have your every move mapped.

 Press reviews:

 ‘Beguiling’ … ‘a treasure trove of curiosities’ – The Telegraph

 ‘A blockbuster exhibition’ – The Independent

 ‘There is much that will stop visitors in their tracks’ – The Guardian

 ‘Enthralling’ – Evening Standard





About devongeography

Head of Geography and Assistant Vice Principal at South Molton Community College, North Devon. Exeter Chiefs supporter!
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3 Responses to ‘Drawing the Line’ Map Exhibition in London

  1. geoblogs says:

    Will be there at around 3 o’ clock today – will blog a review 🙂

  2. Look forward to that! Sometimes feel a bit isolatedin Devon from events like this!

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