Mexico to USA Migration Case Study Resource

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** Thanks to Alan Parkinson for alerting me that this has just been removed from You Tube by Sky TV due to copyright issues. Try to catch a repeat on TV if you can! **

If anyone is using Mexico to USA as a case study of international migration, then you may wish to make use of the excellent recent episode of ‘Extreme World’ by Ross Kemp. This is available via You Tube, and includes some excellent footage that could be clipped up to support work in the classroom.

The film makes reference to Donald Trump’s ‘build a wall’ plan to close down this migration route, so its content is right up to date. It focuses on the push factors that drive migrants to attempt the dangerous journey across the border into the USA – not just from Mexico, but from other central American nations. It also follows some of the migrants into the US, and reviews their standards of living when they arrive in the ‘promised land’.





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  1. geoblogs says:

    Taken down by Sky for copyright violation

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