‘Map Men’ – Learning Geography Through Comedy

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 21 11.56Have you taken a look at ‘Map Men’ yet on You Tube?

Jay Foreman and Mark Cooper-Jones are two UK stand-up comedians who have put together a number of short, snappy films that focus on interesting and quirky stories about maps. They include a lot of serious points about the issues covered, as well as some quick-fire jokes and sketches.

The You Tube series covers a wide range of subjects, such as the UK’s north-south divide, the India-Bangladesh border, the Berlin Wall, the South China Sea, and my favourite – the famous Hereford Mappa Mundi.

You Tube links:

ScreenHunter_03 Aug. 21 12.00Mappa Mundi – https://youtu.be/XxYecjWUkJw





Berlin Wall – https://youtu.be/n2pSgtnFkuo

South China Sea – https://youtu.be/ypMCK7NcbxU

India – Bangladesh border – https://youtu.be/r-aIzkvPwFo

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 21 12.18North-South UK Divide – https://youtu.be/ENeCYwms-Cc




‘We’re not always actually talking about the map itself, it’s really all about what the story behind the map is,’ says Cooper-Jones.

Mark Cooper-Jones is currently performing his new geography-themed solo stand-up ‘Geographically Speaking’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, following his previous show Geography Teacher. He performs at Venue 56 at 3.45 pm daily, until August 27th.

‘A lot of geography is depressing,’ he argues. ‘So much of geography is inequality, poverty, under-development, extinctions, climate change, whatever it might be. But, given geography’s breadth, there is a lot that you can talk about for stand-up comedy. You can even talk about the depressing stuff. In my show I talk about climate change, but I do a role-play with an audience member, getting them up on the stage and making them play an icecap or the weather. So you’ve just got to find a fun way of making your ultimately depressing points.’

‘For Geographically Speaking, I’m trying to talk about a lot more geography, and move away from only basing it in the classroom and basing it on GCSE-level geographies, like Geography Teacher,’ he says. ‘I talk about some genuinely fairly in-depth geology in this show, some political geography, and of course some silly stuff as well.’

With so much scope to add new You Tube films, I will be keeping a close eye on new developments from this comedy duo.


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