Have You Seen The Man Engine?


This wonderful piece of mobile mechanical art called the ‘Man Engine’ is currently doing the rounds in Cornwall. It was commissioned by the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site as a tribute to the international impact of Cornish mining and a celebration of the UNESCO World Heritage Site status of the mining industry in this area.

It is over four metres tall when crawling, but transforms to an imposing 10 metres when it stands at its full height. The Man Engine was launched in Tavistock on July 25th, before embarking on its tour of the key mining towns in the county. It finds the end of its journey at Geevor Tin Mine in the afternoon of August 6th.

Follow the route of the Man Engine on the interactive map at: http://www.themanengine.org.uk/

Read more at:http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/man-engine-continues-to-draw-massive-crowds-as-it-travels-through-cornwall/story-29573388-detail/story.html#QX8IE6KtQMbAacu6.99

Watch a video of the sculpture rising to its full height in front of 15000 spectators at Truro at: https://youtu.be/LmNgsPdciys





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One Response to Have You Seen The Man Engine?

  1. Navsbooks says:

    Here is one of my older posts on William West and the man engine that may be of interest

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