Socrative App Gets Update

untitledTablet technology always played a major role in my classroom, and one of my favourite (free) apps to use with students was Socrative, a formative assessment tool that includes polls, live voting and quiz games.

If you too are a Socrative user, you should be aware that a premium version of the app – ‘Socrative Pro’ – has now been launched. The upgrade is available from the Socrative web site for $30 annual subscription, and contains a number of new features to offer to help personalise learning and ramp up classroom engagement, including:

  • multiple rooms – allowing you manage 10 unique activity rooms to run quizzes polls, exit tickets or space races at the same time. Rooms can be created for each of your classes, or students can be divided into smaller groups for Ho eWorld tasks, differentiated tasks etc
  • higher student capacity – up to 150 participants, allowing you to use Socrative with combined classes, whole year groups, professional development meetings and conferences etc
  • rostering – allowing you to upload class lists for a CSV or Excel file.
  • space race timer – means you can have your quizzes end automatically, leaving you free to circulate and interact

teacherSpaceraceFurther developments are planned for Socrative Pro users in the autumn, including quiz sharing, a searchable quiz community, and a silent hand raise feature. Why not check it out now?


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