Colouring Books For Geographers

In this stress-filled age we live and work in, busy people are always looking for different ways to relax and maintain personal well-being. One recent fashion has been adult colouring, and many resources are now available for people who want to find time for this. Indeed, five of Amazon’s top 10 last week were adult colouring-in books

If there are any geographers out there who are finding colouring helpful – why not combine the activity with some subject-based materials?

9ee724371254050cec36387f72421edf.pngIf you can wait until October, Laurence King Publishing (LKP) is releasing ‘The Great British Colouring Map: A Colouring Journey Around Britain’. This “one of a kind” colouring book is based on accurate Ordnance Survey maps, and serves to mark both the 225th anniversary of Ordnance Survey and the 25th anniversary of LKP.

LKP has recently seen success with several adult colouring book titles, such as Secret Garden by Johanna Basford. The book has now sold over 11m copies worldwide and is published in 40 countries.

’The Great British Colouring Map’ will feature 55 illustrations highlighting iconic cities and tourist sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

efc8d4e62.jpgHowever, if you can’t wait until the Autumn, Gretchen Peterson has recently produced ‘City Maps’,  a colouring book for the map obsessed where you can customise detailed plans of the world’s capital cities.

untitled.pngPeterson’s book contains 44 aerial city maps, reduced to black outlines at different scales and levels of detail. You can add your own colour schemes to familiar urban patterns of the likes of Paris’s Arc de Triomphe, Venice’s Grand Canal, New York’s Central Park and the Great Pyramids of Giza.




More about this at:

Happy colouring and stress release!


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