Slides From The GA Teachmeet

ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 19 00.07A number of people have contacted me with a request for the slides for my presentation at the Geography Association Conference – so here they are:

GA TeachMeet 2016




I must point out that ‘Dickie’ had his name changed for the presentation, and the image used was not actually  him.GA Conf TeachMeet erratics The locations for the slides include:

  • Scree cuddling at Gordale, Yorkshire Dales 
  • Erratic Rolling at Gordale, Yorkshire Dales
  • Greek snorkelling at Malham, Yorkshire Dales
  • Limestone song at Malham, Yorkshire Dales



The different beers used to introduce the slides included:

  • ‘Proper Job’ to represent my fieldwork ‘history’
  • ‘Wainwright’s Golden Ale’ to represent field week in the Lake District (and Yorkshire Dales)
  • ‘Exmoor Gold’ to represent field weeks on Lundy Island, north Devon
  • ‘Amigos Tequila Beer’ to represent the Amigos charity and trip to Uganda
  • ‘Unicorn Ale’ to match my Twitter handle, and to represent my offering of an emotional mapping exercise – outlined in an earlier blog on this site.
I intended to use a beer called ‘Black Sheep’ for the Yorkshire Dales slides – but it did not survive Thursday evening in my hotel room …….

 All of the  Teachmeet presentations can be found on You Tube link below:


My presentation begins at 1:10:15

Thanks once more to all of the people who offered kind feedback from the Teachmeet and the workshop session ‘Addicted to Maps’


About devongeography

Head of Geography and Assistant Vice Principal at South Molton Community College, North Devon. Exeter Chiefs supporter!
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