UK’s First Named Storm Is Here!

untitledBritain’s first official named storm – Abigail – will hit on Thursday bringing 80mph winds to the north of the UK as a deep low pressure system moves across the Atlantic.

It is a landmark for UK forecasting, representing the first time that a severe weather system has been given a name under the Met Office’s “Name Our Storms” project. Storms throughout autumn and winter 2015/16 will be named based on a list from A-Z chosen by members of the public.

Naming of storms and/or hurricanes is common in the US and across many parts of the globe. The practice started in 1953 – before that they were named arbitrarily. However, this is the first time the UK has named storms.

A storm will be named when it is deemed potentially able to cause “substantial” impact on the UK or Ireland. It is hoped that naming storms will help to raise awareness of severe weather and ensure greater safety of the public.

stream_imgThere is a name for each letter of the alphabet, excluding Q, U, X, Y and Z, which is the same naming convention as used in the US to help maintain consistency for North Atlantic storms.

To avoid any confusion over naming, the already established convention of naming remnants of a tropical storm or hurricane that has moved across the Atlantic will be kept.


Experts have found that attaching a name to a weather event makes it easier to follow its progress and simpler to reference on social media.


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