A Geo News Web Site To Add To Your Favourites

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I retweeted an article from this web site last week, and have managed to find a bit of time today to explore the rest of the site. What a gem! The quality of the recent entries suggest that this is a site worth adding to any geography teachers favourites bar. It is being regularly updated, and includes great links to extra information on news items, in addition to links to classroom resources.

ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 29 17.24Recent articles have covered Tuesday’s eruption by Popcatelpetl volcano in Mexico, and the decision made in China to draw a close on the one baby policy. However, I must draw special attention to the article on Tuesday, 27th which includes a really powerful interactive map of asylum seekers migration in Europe. Worth logging on just for this! You can watch the flow of migrants across Europe as a whole, or hover over one country to see the pattern of migration for that one individual place – a great lesson starter, if nothing else!

‘Geographical news’ is the international version of the dutch website ‘The Geobronnen’, and my thanks to Gotze Kalsbeek and Mathijs Booden for their efforts – keep up the excellent work, guys!


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