Everest Movie

731a6dc4318cf751dad3c115902032ed_XLAny geographers found time yet to visit a cinema to see the newly released film “Everest”? This impressive big-budget blockbuster tells the true story of an expedition in 1996, which became the mountain’s deadliest climbing season, until the twin tragedies of 2014 and 2015. With little warning, a violent storm engulfed a team of climbers in one of the fiercest blizzards ever encountered by man, and the film examines the challenges they endured, as they faced exhaustion, confusion and delirium on the mountain. There is an interesting back-story of the pressures of adventure tourism, as the movie depicts a pivotal time when competing commercial expeditions were becoming a reality, creating considerable conflict with so many people being on the mountain at the same time.

Film trailer:



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Head of Geography and Assistant Vice Principal at South Molton Community College, North Devon. Exeter Chiefs supporter!
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One Response to Everest Movie

  1. sandysummers123 says:

    So exciting! I have forever been fascinated by the world and I chose to study Geography as my major (I am a sophomore now) and I aspire to do cool stuff like you guys! What an inspiration!

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