Monthly WARP – April

I made a New Year promise to include a regular slot in my blog for 2014, called my ‘monthly WARP’. This is based on an acronym where the ‘W’ stands for a web resource, the ‘A’ for an app, the ‘R’ for a reading resource, and the ‘P’ for a photograph or image.
My fourth WARP – for April – consists of the following:

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 29 09.41This site is a bit of fun – it generates screen images of mobile ‘phone text messages that you create yourself. It could be a useful classroom tool, though – I like to use it to generate little starters for lessons or introductions to exercises like photograph analysis.
ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 29 09.49

This site should be in the ‘favourites’ section of all geographers. There are nearly 700 maps to search through, all producing equal area maps representing the variable chosen. They make really useful additions in presentations, provide great starters for lessons, and can provoke deep thinking within students when accompanied by skilful questioning.

Pic C
One of my favourite I Pad apps is PIC COLLAGE. This app allows you to assemble a series of images in interesting ways, and also add text. Great for classroom posters, book covers, and providing creative opportunities for students.
ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 29 10.04>

Ed S

My highlighted reading this month is Ed Stafford’s “Walking The Amazon” – a narrative of his incredible 860 day journey tracing the path of the Amazon river from source to sea. It took Ed nearly two and a half years to achieve his goal, overcoming encounters with snakes, electric eels, tropical storms, and drug cartels. The physical and mental strength needed for such a journey come across clearly, as he became the first person to conquer this arduous journey.

For my photos this month, I have chosen some glacier images from Argentina:

More images from my travels can be found at:


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