January WARP – a New Regular Feature For 2014

I am not a great one for New Year Resolutions – but I did promise myself to include a regular new ‘slot’ in my blog for 2014. I have called this my ‘monthly WARP’ – based on an acronym where the ‘W’ stands for a web resource, the ‘A’ for an app, the ‘R’ for a reading resource, and the ‘P’ for a photo or image.

For my first ‘WARP’, I have included the following:


ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 26 17.20Two this month! Firstly, a simple little tool found at:


Here, drop-down menus allows the user to incompare sizes of 2 countries in an instant. Great for comparing countries that are being studied or crop up in lessons with the UK. Also really good for correcting common misconceptions!

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 26 17.21Secondly, an ‘old favourite’ – www.thepovertyline.net

Great tool for supporting development studies, and full of useful data, images and information about different development indicators.

Thirdly, a recent find – www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2014/aviation-100-years

ScreenHunter_04 Jan. 26 18.29This is a fascinating interactive site showing air traffic flows across the world. Great for identifying the major transport hubs, and watching how flights change with the hours of the day.





ibuttons1This month I have decided to highlight a free app called ‘I Buttons’ (Instant Buttons) – which is a great toy to have to hand when using an I Pad in the classroom. The variety of sounds that are available at the press of a button help to introduce a bit of fun to questions, answers and situations in the classroom. This site really appeals to my sense of humour and the way I run my lessons! As there are so many to choose from, it is best to create a favourites list, so that the appropriate sound button is always close to hand.

WARNING: One or two buttons need to be removed from the dashboard to avoid offence to students.

stick appMy second app is ‘Stick Around’ by Tony Vincent. This app (was free, but now £1.99) allows you to create your own puzzles in three easy steps. This really comes into its own as a learning tool when students make their own puzzles to recap a topic, and then give them to their friends to try and to assess.



Blood RiverMy first offering here is my favourite ‘Geo’ read of all time. ‘Blood River’ was written by Tim Butcher and published in 2007. The author came up with the idea of recreating H M Stanley’s famous expedition along the Congo River, and is full of tremendous descriptive writing, good humour, and is a crucial read for anyone with an interest in the continent of Africa.





I have included a photograph taken by myself – and used in the Geographical Association’s ‘Different View’ publication. It is found on page 22 of the document (link below to download), which is well worth a read for geography teachers if you have not yet come across it. The photo was taken near Guilin in China.
A Different View

ScreenHunter_05 Jan. 26 18.35

More photographs from my travels abroad can be found at:





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