Five Minute Lesson Plan For Geography

I am a keen follower of Twitter, and there has been a lot of traffic on the site recently focusing on the ‘Five Minute Lesson Plan’, an idea devised originally by @TeacherToolkit  – “Designed to reduce planning time and focus on key learning phases within a lesson”.  Many teachers have adopted the 5 minute lesson plan template, and numerous examples can be found on the Teacher Tool Kit web site:

I have found this a really useful tool to help focus on the really important aspects of lessons, and have adapted the original version to suit the needs of my colleagues.
ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 02 23.28When planning lessons in our Geography Department this year, we have concentrated on two areas – firstly,  differentiation (in both our learning objectives and learning opportunities), and secondly, aspects of assessment for learning. Therefore, our adapted version has stripped down our existing traditional and quite detailed school planning sheets to draw special attention to these.

The South Molton CC Department of Geography Five minute lesson plan Template can be downloaded here:

SMCC 5 Minute Lesson Plan 1

If you follow the 5 minute plan through, you should be able to identify the following sections:

LEARNING OBJECTIVES – these are differentiated using the ‘must, should, could’ structure

LEARNING EPISODES – the various planned stages of teaching and learning are listed here, allowing modification of the traditional 3 or 4 part structure. However, it is perfectly fine if sometimes the lesson heads of in another direction!

AFL – supporting the students understanding of where they are in their learning, where they are going, and how they can get there. Might include guidance on questioning, peer assessment, self assessment, and so on.

DIFFERENTIATION – methods/resources used to match the work of differing capabilities of individuals or groups of learners in order to progress their learning.

KEY WORDS – key geographical terms or general literacy input in lesson.

NEXT STEPS – where will the next lesson take us? Extension to learning through homework or home play (optional home tasks).

NOTES – a chance to record any key points from the ‘aide memoire’ (see below)

ScreenHunter_04 Jan. 03 16.27The aide memoire is just a quick reference note to remind us of other key priorities in our planning. Very few lessons would include all of these aspects, but the list acts as a final filter to get teachers to correct any missed opportunities in their planning. You can download the aide memoire here:

5 Minute Lesson Plan Aide Memoire

The original Teacher Toolkit five minute lesson plan template can be downloaded here:


Why not create your own version?

Postscript: A couple of teachers complained of a lack of space to record key information, so I increased the room in the cog wheels in version 2:

SMCC 5 Minute Lesson Plan 2


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  1. Any chance you could edit my Twitter name to read @TeacherToolkit (without spaces) so that people can find me? Well done for editing and creating a subject-specific template. Get tweeting and upload it onto the TES.

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