Mad Maps That Mesmerise

I have spent some time discussing the last blog about immediate lesson impacts with my students, and they have given me a lot of valuable information about what engages them with lessons when they enter the classroom.

My Geography students expressed their love of maps, and recognised how selected map images might help to grab attention in those first few valuable seconds of a lesson. They were so enthusiastic about the subject, I decided to give them an opportunity to show me what they meant. The slideshow below includes a number of the images they researched for me, and I intend to integrate them into my bank of resources to use as lesson openers.

The source web sites have been listed as well, in case anyone wishes to delve deeper into selected images. The students also came across a number of publications they thought I might find interesting, and the best of these turned out to be:

‘Strange Maps: An Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities’ by Maria Popova

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Web sources:

Simplified map of London:                         What if the largest countries had the biggest populations? (This is an interesting one, showing how the USA is one of the few countries whose relative size matches its population. Others are Ireland and Brazil.                                                                                                                                Typographic map (by Vlad):                                             Polyhedral map (Frank Jacobs):                    Winne The Pooh map:                                                                              USA State Mottos map:                                                                  Upside down map:                                                     Pessimistic map of USA:                                     Worldmapper (deaths from disasters):                                          Africa in perspective map:                                         Holstein cow map:                                                         McDonalds location map:                                               Strange E map (how many countries can you recognise?):      Anchorage street bench:

I would, of course, love to hear of any particular maps that other Geographers feel could be used to grab students’ attention at the start of a lesson.


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