Sprinkling a Little Stardust on Powerpoint …..

I have recently stumbled across a fantastic web tool called ‘Present Me’. This is a really simple to use device that allows you to combine a Powerpoint presentation (or a PDF file, Word document etc) with a narration video. It has been described as ‘Slideshare meets You Tube’ . Printed documents and Powerpoints can sometimes be a little ‘dry’ for students, and this allows you to present to your audience, and breathe a bit more life into the resources. You control the speed at which the slides move or pages turn, and there are some simple editing tools that help give the finished product a bit of polish. All you need is a web cam, and you can get started!


30 day free trials are offered, and no payment is needed for  three 15 minute presentations a month. The ‘Plus’ version costs $9 a month after the free trial, and allows thirty 60 minute presentations a month. There is also a ‘Pro’ version which gives unlimited use, but come sin a t $39 a month. I have recently contacted ‘Present Me’ to see if they can offer an educational establishment rate.

I have made use of this resource to build revision presentations for students facing exams in June, and you can see my first attempt by logging on to:


I have a few ideas to be a bit more creative with this product, and certainly intend to use it with my ‘flipped classroom’ work – a subject I hope to blog about soon.

There is certainly great potential here in schools. It is a great way for teachers to  share resources, and I see no reason why students cannot use this to make their own presentations. Any experienced users out there with good ideas – please let me know.

Twitter users might like to follow: @presentdotme


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