Refreshing The Whiteboard With Triptico

With all the other exciting technology now available to use in the classroom, the interactive whiteboard has perhaps faded a little in importance. This is a shame, because it can still have a really important role to play in helping to engage students. In an attempt to refresh the place of the whiteboard in class, I have put together a ‘package’ of tools for staff to use. By far the most useful is a small (free) downloadable toolbox created by David Riley called ‘TRIPTICO’ that runs on Adobe Air – which means it is compatible with both Macs and PCs – and can be used on any make or model of interactive board:

This programme contains around 20 different interactive resources, including class lists, timers, spinners and games that can be easily customised to suit your own lessons. The screenshot below illustrates the ‘Find 10’ game:

If you want to find out more, why not sign up for a TeachShare online session with Geo Guru Alan Parkinson on the Vital Geography portal:  He will be discussing the use of Triptico on April 19th. This site also contains loads of other great geography resources, and has a free 30 day trial period if you are interested in taking a look.


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Head of Geography and Assistant Vice Principal at South Molton Community College, North Devon. Exeter Chiefs supporter!
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